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Furlishous Dog​ and Cat Grooming Salon, Tel 01623 411104

Company Number 13218136

51a Kirklington Road, Bilsthorpe, Notts, NG22 8RT .    City &Guilds Centre number 009701, UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) is : 10090093.

Breeding services are available, please contact us with your requirements as we may be able to help.

Lisa has been a breeder for 22 years and has completed the Breeder Education seminar series at Nottingham Vets School which was ran inline with the Kennel Club.

Artificial Insemination

Collection and non-surgical insemination using sterile equipment, both dog and bitch must be present, £40 per collection/insemination, travel will be extra if a considerable travel distance is expected.

Progesterone testing now Avaliable £50

30 min Turn around  to find out your girls optimum breeding window

  • The Proestrus Stage — Getting Ready

Lasting around 9 days, this first stage is marked by the eggs in the ovaries beginning to mature and the oestrogen levels start rising.

  • The Oestrus​ Stage — Mating

Oestrus is the next stage, also lasting around 9 days, where eggs are released from ovaries and the oestrogen levels decline while progesterone levels rise.

  • The Diestrus Stage — Pregnancy (or not)

This third stage is the period following mating, it commonly lasts 58 to 63 days in a pregnant female, and 60 to 90 days in a non-pregnant female. Pregnancy can be confirmed with a ultrasound. Progesterone is dominating and the female will refuse a male’s advances during this stage.