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Furlishous Dog​ and Cat Grooming Salon, Tel 01623 411104

Company Number 13218136

51a Kirklington Road, Bilsthorpe, Notts, NG22 8RT .    City &Guilds Centre number 009701, UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) is : 10090093.

We have increased our prices as of January 2022, our utility bills all doubled overnight unfortunately, we can and will absorb some of the costs but unfortunately not all of them.

The below prices are current and inline with our salon, staff do have the authority to add a charge, should they feel the groom has been more work than normally expected for the breed.

There may be a extra charge if the dog is matted.

There will be a extra charge if you bring us fleas or ticks as this requires not only flea/pesticide shampoo so we don't get infested but also a flea bomb after the groom as a precaution.

There may be a extra charge if the dog needs 2 groomers for a significant part of the groom, a dog would need 2 groomers if he/she is significantly heavier than the breed should be, resulting in 2 person handling, for lifting and holding the dog steady, if the dog is very hyper excited on the table, we would then need a additional groomer to stop the dog attempting to jump down while being groomed, if the dog is assessed as being aggressive or nippy for a part of the groom then we use a 2nd groomer for distraction purposes to enable the actual groomer to continue the groom without the dog injuring itself on our equipment or injuring the groomer.

Prices listed are the starting price, please telephone or call in for a better guide to pricing and to discuss your requirements, although in some cases an accurate price can not be given without seeing the dog and the severity of the coat. 

Bath Blast and Brush Out

The following breeds are priced for a bath and blast dry with a outline trim/tidy, if you should wish clipping on any of the following breeds the price is a additional £15

Border Collie ... £38

Chow Chow ... £65

German shepherd short £45

German shepherd long coat £55

Golden Retriever ... £45


Long coat Chihuahua ... £35


Newfoundland ... £70+

Old English Sheepdog ... £60


Rough collie... £50

Spitz £42

Bath & Dry

The following breeds are for a bath and De-shed only no scissor work is needed.

American bulldog...£40

Boxer ... £28+

Bulldog ... £30

Chihuahua ... £25

French Bulldog...£26

Great Dane...£45

Greyhound ... £28

Labrador ... £28

Pug ... £25

Smooth Jack Russell ... £25

Staffordshire Bull Terrier ... £28

Whippet ... £26

Xl Bullie...£35

Full Grooms

The following breeds are priced for a bath dry clipping and scissor work. 

Bedlington ... £36

Bichon ... £36

Cavalier ... £36

Cavapoo ... £36

Cockerpoo ... £40

Cocker Spaniel ... £40

Labradoodle ... £50

Lhasa Apso ... £36

Mini Poodle ... £42

Schnauzer ... £36

Shih Tzu ... £35

Springer Spaniel ... £42

Standard Poodle ... £55

Terrier ... £36

Toy Poodle ... £36

West Highland White ... £36

Yorkshire Terrier ... £35


£40+ without bath/£45+ with bath

size and breed will affect the price so please ask first before booking.


De matting Charge from  £10

Nails from £8.00

Anal Glands from £5

Flea Bath £8 for small breed, £16 for larger breeds

(Flea baths are given to any pet we detect fleas on to protect not only our salon but the next customers pets, if you bring us fleas then you will be charged)

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning ... £30 (30 mins)

Canine Pregnancy Scan from £25

Intro Grooming Courses from £170 per day